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Protecting Your Paperwork

The headlines these days are filled with news about criminal and civil cases pending against all sizes of firms for improper handling or destruction of documents. Documents are a part of the required infrastructure to run a business. Keeping your documents organized and safe from hazard is your responsibility. This article reviews how you can protect your firm from letting those documents fall through the cracks.

Digital Documents: Document Lifetime

The Egyptians probably never thought that their documents would last this long when they first created documents on papyrus. The documents generated by early man were meant to last a generation or so so that stories and events could be handed following generations could appreciate their ancestors. Modern day documents may contain information pertaining to business agreements, legal proceedings, and product documentation so that it may be referred to decades or even centuries later. In this first part of a series about documents in the digital age, the pitfalls of digital documents and what their longevity means to your firm is presented.

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