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David Lister is President and founder of Digital Daemons, Inc. David has served in numerous positions over the past thirty years including the following:

  • Numonics Corporation - He worked as a member of their research and development team to implement the company's first microprocessor based digitizer.
  • Battelle Memorial Institute - He was a member of the microprocessor and graphics applications groups on R&D for cotracts government and industry.
  • The Ohio State University - He was an instructor and a research scientist in the prestigious Computer Graphics Research Group.
  • General Electric Company - He designed and implemented a set of graphics processors for a GE venture. He was responsible for the Graphicon 1700 system architecture and authored several papers.
  • Data General Corporation - He was a leader in the X Window System implementation group for the workstations based upon the Motorola 88K based processors.
  • Adobe Systems Incorporated - initially responsible for Display PostScript implementations on Sun Microsystems and Silicon Graphics Incorporated platforms. Later he moved to the Acrobat technology group and was responsible for implementation of Acrobat Viewers on all UNIX platforms. He later worked on Adobe PostScript Extreme and other printing technologies.
  • Flashpoint Technology - managed the core software group that provdied a solutions oriented application platform for digital cameras.
David is a member of:
  • Rotary Club of Morgan Hill - a community organization that places service above self
  • IEEE - the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers
  • AOPA - the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
  • Angel Flight West - a volunteer, not for profit pilots organization
  • Baja Bush Pilots - an organization that promotes general aviation flights to Mexico
  • Pacific Bonanza Society - an organization of pilots that own or are interested in Beechcraft Bonanza aircraft
  • The American Bonanza Society - an organization of pilots that own or are interested in Beechcraft Bonanza, Baron, and Travel Air aircraft

David has a passion for aviation. He flys a Bonanza model S35 and possesses a private pilot license with an instrument rating. While not programming, writing, or flying around he has an affinity for touring on motorcycles and shooting trap and skeet.

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